New pots from February 5 firing…


Round vase with tall neck. Obsidian and Ash glazes. The layer of Ash over the Obsidian on the round body brings out the texture. 13 inches high.


Big vase with creased front and back. Ash and Obsidian glazes. 10 inches high.

I fired the big kiln Sunday February 5th. The firing went well, and the kiln was finished late Sunday night. The anticipation builds after the firing is over. Did the glazes melt the way I hoped? Did the new experiment work? Everything seemed to go smoothly, although you never know until the kiln has cooled and you can open the lid a small crack and sneak a peek inside. Here are the best of the new pots.

Big round vase. Height 9 in. Obsidian and Ash glazes. Shades of green on the shoulder from copper carbonate dusted over the glaze.

Tall round vase. Obsidian and Ash glazes. 8 iinches high. The Ash glaze runs nicely where it's thick.

Three faceted bottle shapes. Height of tallest is 17 in. All glazed in a combination of Ash and Obsidian glazes.

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