Potter Opens Kiln!

This weekend I opened my latest glaze kiln – and may I say: “Wow!!” These are all pots that will be in the Saanich Peninsula Arts and Crafts Show and Exhibition this weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) at Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney BC. I am very excited at how the glazes have turned out since I changed my firing schedule. More on that in my next post. But hey – enough about me…here are a couple of pictures of pots made by me.

Tall bottle form; paddled, glazed with ash and obsidian with copper dusting. I like the way the glaze flows around the texture left by the paddle. About 12 inches tall.

A tall bottle shape with flared rim. I glazed it overall in Ash; the window is Obsidian with Crimson inlay. About 18 inches tall.

7 thoughts on “Potter Opens Kiln!

  1. Michael!!! These are absolutely fantastic. I love the texture left by the paddle and the yummy colour in the other pot. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks, Hart. I really wanted to examine some vase forms that took up some space. I have been working on big round pots, and this time around, I was looking for forms that were more elongated.

  2. Gobsmacked! You’re getting such incredible results with those glazes. And the forms ain’t too shabby either!

    1. Form always comes first. I look for forms that are strong on their own. The surface should be an integral part of the form, wrapping it in colour and texture. Thanks for the comment, my friend.

  3. Fabulous as always! I don’t know anything about form or paddles or glaze effects – I just know that these are beautiful!! I am so very proud of my brother 🙂

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