Custom order for Butchart Gardens

For about five years now, I’ve had the pleasure of producing pottery pieces for the dining room at Victoria’s famous Butchart Gardens. It’s always exciting to get the call from their ordering department.

Sometimes they are looking for more bud vases to display their cut flowers, and sometimes they need new sugar-packet holders for their guest tables. I’m always honoured to have my work on display in this prestigious and longstanding local business.

Here is a shot of the last miniature vases I made on custom order for Butchart, freshly thrown on the wheel and waiting to dry.



And here are the two dozen sugar bowls I fired and delivered to Butchart Gardens this week.




One thought on “Custom order for Butchart Gardens

  1. Congrats Michael! I didn’t know this, how awesome!
    If I ever get back to Butchart i’ll have to check this out.
    I just LOVE Butchart Gardens, but for the numerous times
    I’ve been there I can’t say as I’d ever went into the restaurant!
    Will have to check it out if the opportunity ever arises.
    Congrats again!

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