Funny Facts About Michael Giles


Michael Giles . . .Michael-the-Potter-web

  • Fell into clay by accident 30 years ago and fell in love.
  • Lives in Victoria with his wife, Anita, two Siamese cats, Booker and Ollie, and a big orange tabby named Mr. Bailey.
  • Grew up in small-town Rosetown, Saskatchewan.
  • Sometimes dreams he can play the trumpet like Miles Davis.
  • Isn’t afraid to give a perfectly symmetrical, wheel-thrown pot a whack with a wooden spoon—just to see what it might look like.
  • Can’t imagine why anyone would choose the colour taupe for anything.
  • Thinks he would look very cool riding a Ruckus scooter.
  • Has certain very old pottery tools—a horsehair brush, a common paring knife—that he can’t imagine working without.
  • Likes the texture of metallic oxides and clay-slip trailing on his pottery.
  • Wishes he could grow a thicker beard.
  • Believes form comes first in pottery, then function—in other words, it’s fine if it just looks gorgeous and doesn’t do anything.
  • Thinks that 20th-century German-born British potter Hans Coper was a genius.
  • Probably has cat hair on his clothing right now.
  • Makes the best pasta puttanesca.
  • Can see Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic influences in his pottery work.
  • Knows that skill and luck both play a part in creating a successful pot.
  • Got married in Las Vegas, but didn’t have Elvis as the minister.
  • Once knew a woman who kept a baby alligator in her bathtub. Really. A baby alligator.
  • Gets giddy and impatient waiting for his pottery kiln to sloooooooowly cool down enough so he can open it.
  • Will do almost anything for a laugh.
  • Is inspired by the spray-painted scribbles and tags of graffiti artists.
  • Wishes his mom was alive to see his pottery work today.
  • Just loves to get muddy.