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Ceramic Art Show at the Arts Centre at Cedar Hill

I started teaching pottery at Cedar Hill Rec Centre ten years ago. Back then, the studio was a cramped, dusty room with shelves and worktables and wheels and kilns all crammed together. In spite of the crowded conditions, a lot of good pots were made there over the years. This year, as part of the Arts… Read More

Potter Opens Kiln!

This weekend I opened my latest glaze kiln – and may I say: “Wow!!” These are all pots that will be in the Saanich Peninsula Arts and Crafts Show and Exhibition this weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) at Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney BC. I am very excited at how the glazes have turned out since… Read More

New pots from February 5 firing…

    I fired the big kiln Sunday February 5th. The firing went well, and the kiln was finished late Sunday night. The anticipation builds after the firing is over. Did the glazes melt the way I hoped? Did the new experiment work? Everything seemed to go smoothly, although you never know until the kiln… Read More

Friends in pots are friends indeed…

I just had a phone conversation with my friend Ed Staples who lives in Princeton, BC. Any time I speak with Ed, we barely get past the “hello” stage and we’re deep into pottery talk. Glazes, firing results, clay bodies, the value of good craftsmanship, what’s new from our studios, forming methods, tools, the pleasure of an honestly… Read More

#54…#53…and #47

Here is Stretched Vase #54, raw and unglazed as mentioned in my last post, 100 Stretched Vases…and beyond. I’ve also included a raw and unglazed #53… And #47, glazed in the Ash and Obsidian glazes with copper carbonate dusting, from my December glaze firing.