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Show Day Draws Near

I am getting excited about the show opening this Sunday at RPlace, 420 Craigflower Road, just next to the Spiral Coffee Shop. I just finished firing a kiln load of bowls and plates. Now the waiting begins, as the big kiln cools. I will unload it tomorrow in the early afternoon; I will take a couple of photos… Read More

Opening the kiln…

I loaded the kiln last Wednesday, but had to wait til Saturday to fire it. Some covered jars, a couple of very big vases, some medium vases and – most exciting of all – eight glaze tests. Three were new green glazes – I am still looking for a green that fits with my work. The other tests were small… Read More

New pots from February 5 firing…

    I fired the big kiln Sunday February 5th. The firing went well, and the kiln was finished late Sunday night. The anticipation builds after the firing is over. Did the glazes melt the way I hoped? Did the new experiment work? Everything seemed to go smoothly, although you never know until the kiln… Read More

Size isn’t everything, but…

Some days are just made for going big. I stepped into my studio this afternoon with every intention of making some bowls and platters for Side Street Studio. But when I sat down at the wheel, I knew the bowls and platters would have to wait. It felt like a day for big round stretched… Read More

#54…#53…and #47

Here is Stretched Vase #54, raw and unglazed as mentioned in my last post, 100 Stretched Vases…and beyond. I’ve also included a raw and unglazed #53… And #47, glazed in the Ash and Obsidian glazes with copper carbonate dusting, from my December glaze firing.  

What happened in Vegas…didn’t stay in Vegas

You might be wondering about the title. This is not about a vaguely remembered party that included Mike Tyson and his tiger and a lot of other stuff. It’s not about how some cunning con man stripped me of my fortunes. It’s not (unfortunately) about winning thousands of dollars at the roulette table. It’s about love and marriage and… Read More